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IHE Paris offers trainings related to the Management, Marketing, Commercial & Financial fields...

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We are devoted to help you prove your excellence in the learning process, and research path. We guarantee a group of highly experienced teachers to support you in developing your leading skills for your future professional career and to allow you acquire the best work qualifications.
We are determined to provide the Academic and Professional support to further push the student’s limits of creativity and to allow them go the extra miles in realizing their professional dreams.
We offer language & Technology skills certifications in order to help the students determine their future professional ambitions.

Preparation of the French Certification (TFI) and the English Certification (TOEIC)

Highly qualified teachers

Individual Pedagogical support

Small groups training according the International Pedagogical Standards

Mandatory Internships in the BBA and the MBA programs

The Institute of High Education at Tunis in partnership with Amideast offers to the students the opportunity to measure and to certify their qualifications and competences in the French language used for Business needs through
The First International Test of French T.F.I

The International Test of French is meant to evaluate and certify the linguistic competences of the non-French speakers no matter their different levels or their Socio-professional background.
The TFI evaluates the ability to communicate in French in Professional or International contexts. The TFI is a Standard Test that consists of many questions with suggested answers. The TFI's main strengths are; easy to administer, affordable and reliable. It offers a true objective and external measures to universities and language schools. But it is especially dedicated to those who want to work.

Students interested in the international French test must submit their applications to the education department.

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