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IHE Paris offers trainings related to the Management, Marketing, Commercial & Financial fields...

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Why do you have to choose the IHE Group?

We are devoted to help you prove your excellence in the learning process, and research path. We guarantee a group of highly experienced teachers to support you in developing your leading skills for your future professional career and to allow you acquire the best work qualifications.
We are determined to provide the Academic and Professional support to further push the student’s limits of creativity and to allow them go the extra miles in realizing their professional dreams.
We offer language & Technology skills certifications in order to help the students determine their future professional ambitions.

Preparation of the French Certification (TFI) and the English Certification (TOEIC)

Highly qualified teachers

Individual Pedagogical support

Small groups training according the International Pedagogical Standards

Mandatory Internships in the BBA and the MBA programs


The IHET has become a Member of the IT Academy 

Not only the IT Academy program suggests Training resources about the Microsoft Technologies and Software but also it guarantees Microsoft certifications to help the students to acquire the knowledge and the Data base competence for their Future professional Career.
The Microsoft certification proves that the students perfectly master the technologies and the professional Microsoft tools; it helps improving their career perspectives and pushes further their personal development in order to aim for a better position and better leading career in their fields and certify their capabilities in the competitive Market.

More than 50% of the employers today require Technology competences in addition to any field of knowledge and it is proved by the experts that this is a growing number that might reach 77% during the coming decade. The IT Microsoft Academy program is designed to prepare the new learners to their future and to help building their expertise in the most popular technologies. The IT industry today is in a continuous progress despite the economic situation and therefore, there is a strong global demand to hire highly qualified profiles. The Microsoft IT Academy helps acquiring the competence and the experience that the student needs to succeed and to lead a promising future.

Certification Microsoft:

The Institute of High Education of Tunis offers the opportunity to the students to take advantage of the Microsoft certification. The Microsoft IT Academy program is designed to help preparing the students to the Certification.  

The IHE & the Microsoft certification help to improve and better valorize the Student’s CV with globally recognizedcredentials. In fact, certified profiles get a 5,4% increased salaries rather than the non-certified professionals.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact:
Mrs Boukadida on Tel: 93 685 697

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