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Why do you have to choose the IHE Group?

We are devoted to help you prove your excellence in the learning process, and research path. We guarantee a group of highly experienced teachers to support you in developing your leading skills for your future professional career and to allow you acquire the best work qualifications.
We are determined to provide the Academic and Professional support to further push the student’s limits of creativity and to allow them go the extra miles in realizing their professional dreams.
We offer language & Technology skills certifications in order to help the students determine their future professional ambitions.

Preparation of the French Certification (TFI) and the English Certification (TOEIC)

Highly qualified teachers

Individual Pedagogical support

Small groups training according the International Pedagogical Standards

Mandatory Internships in the BBA and the MBA programs

IHE Tunis is the First Private Institution that offers a certified training in C2i.

  • C2i?

C2icertifies that the mastery of the Digital Technologies allows the students to be responsible regarding the choice of the trainings and themes that would be added to the initial training at the university and helps them draw another vision and another perspective.

  • What is C2i?

C2i is a program that focuses on the student’s acquired Electronic skills (Computer & Internet). The C2I Certificate valorizes different computer skills as follows:        

  • Optimum use of the computer (Environment, Backup, Data security ...).
  • Control of office activities (Word processing and Spreadsheet).
  • Effective use of Internet services.
  • Implementation of collaborative work remotely (Platform, Wiki, Blog ...).
  • Raising awareness of the law and ethics of the areas concerned.

C2i helps the students acquire the necessary knowledge about Computer and Internet tools that are important for their Academic and Professional needs. Therefore, it is another option on their CVs that is highly appreciated by the recruiters. Moreover, C2i is a first step in the acquisition of the Digital Skills that are necessary for those who are considering a career in teaching.

  • The IHEGroup & C2I :

The C2Icertificate is one the main trainings suggested by the IHE Groupin order to strengthen the control on communication and share of information.The IHEGroup allows improving the knowledge and skills in an advancing Digital environment. In Fact, the students have the possibility to use the computer-based tools for productivity and exploitation take advantage of the data.

  • Get a C2I, get a specialty job:

The C2I certificate guarantees to IHE student obtaining a job in the field requested. It guarantees that the student’s qualifications would be globally acknowledged. Thus, the C2I program doesn’t only develop the capabilities of the students but also it is an additional value on this professional resume.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact:
Mrs Boukadida on Tel: 93 685 697
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