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DBA Finance

DBA Finance

The DBA program focuses on the use of Economic Analysis and Statistical methods to deal effectively with Management issues in Applied Business Areas such as Capital Markets, Financial Institutions, Business, Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Business Strategy and Industrial organization.


With your DBA in Finance, you will learn to evaluate financial theory and emerging trends, technological influences and social influences.

You will have the opportunity to integrate Ethical, Legal and Regulatory concepts into the theory and practice of Finance, conduct research, and evaluate various types of financial risks that organizations are facing and aiming to develop, and this in the global competitive environment. Find out precisely what you will learn - and how you can apply it.

1. Integrate and apply theory and scientific research to develop innovative approaches to business issues in a global and diverse environment.

2. Apply and communicate strategic approaches to business practice and planning.

3. Develop and apply critical thinking to problems and opportunities.

4. Integrate Internal and External data with Analytical techniques to support evidence-based decision-making.

5. Integrate ethical and integrity concepts into sustainable business models.

6. Develop expertise in and between functional and cross disciplines.

7. Apply collaborative techniques to develop relationships, partnerships and alliances


Applicants must provide the following information for admission to programs and specializations:

   Master degree or MBA in Management, Finance or Marketing

   French and English proficiency.

   Successful completion of the tests and achievement of the minimum scores for previous diplomas.


Each student should be under the supervision of a permanent or affiliated professor in IHE.

This supervisor, holder of a PhD or a DBA is there to help the student in the training and to conduct his DBA research project.

Area of expertise

   Having Analytical and Synthesis skills and being open to different visions.

   Having the skills to lead teams, animate them and communicate effectively.

   Know how to manage transversal projects.

   Be able to overcome rational approaches to integrate the behaviors of the actors and their stakes.


The DBA FINANCE Finances allows orientations towards the following positions :

   General Manager

   Financial Manager


   Brand Manager

   Financial Analyst

   Financial Consultant


The Diploma combines Economic analysis with practical aspects of the business. It is primarily intended to prepare students for careers in research, Business teaching and in administration and related fields of Economics and Finance.

We have placed a great emphasis on the various areas of activity and on the use of Economic Analysis and statistical methods to effectively address Financial Management problems. At the same time, it deals with Economic Theory and Econometric Analysis.

The possible areas of specialization include:

   Financial Markets and Financial Institutions

   Corporate Finance

   Organizations and Markets

   International Trade

   Business and industrial organization strategy

   Corporate Governance

   Business and Government

Students play an active role in selecting and defining the combination of subjects that will make their own individual areas of specialization.

More specific issues that have recently been discussed include:

1) Theoretical and empirical finance, emphasizing the role of market structure in price formation

2) The relationship between Organizational Form and Business Investment decisions

3) The impact of financial flows - ranging from International aid to Private Bank Credit



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