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The Institute of High education of Paris offers different types of trainings and Certifications. Our diplomas are accredited by the Mercure International University Foundation. 


The Institute of High Education of Paris, is a Private Institution of High Education that offers different types of Certifications related to different fields Discover our Diplomas

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IHE Paris offers trainings related to the Management, Marketing, Commercial & Financial fields...

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DBA Management

Over two years the research focuses on the theory of management and knowledge that is relevant to management practices.The research topics are: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Learning and Networks.


From Anglo-Saxon to Doctor of Business Administration, this high-level training allows experienced managers, consultants or teachers, and students who are simultaneously pursuing a professional integration to conduct a sustained reflection on a managerial problem by writing a doctoral thesis. The DBA Training allows the acquisition of in-depth knowledge, the development of the reasoning methods borrowed from academic research and more generally the implementation of reliable and valid approaches to treat complex Managerial problems.
A successful DBA thesis must show its contribution to the level of managerial practice and to the advancement of knowledge in the field of management.


This program is mainly designed to practitioners and even students seeking to put into practice theoretical contributions: Managers, Consultants or teachers interested in the application of theories related to their area of professional competence.The participants’ profiles also include individuals wishing to obtain a diploma to be qualified in a Higher Education Institution.

   Being holder of a Master's Degree in one of the fields of Management Sciences (MBA, Master Degree in Marketing, Master Degree in Finance, ESC Diploma ...)

   Having an experience of at least 3 years in a Managerial position

   French oral and written proficiency


Each student should be under the supervision of a permanent or affiliated professor in IHE.

This supervisor, holder of a PhD or a DBA is there to help the student in the training and to conduct his DBA research project.

Area of expertise

   Knowledge of the internal / external environment of companies

   Knowledge of Management Techniques (Commercial / Marketing / HR / Management / Finance)

   Desirable experiences in companies

   Acquiring Synthesis skills and being open

   Analytical and realization skills


DBA Management Students rely on Management theories and Business practice knowledge. The main research themes are:



   General Management

   Organizational learning


   Networks and Strategic Alliances

   Social enterprises

   Management staff


   Responsible teams

The emphasis is put on real organizational phenomena from a multidisciplinary perspective. Management students generally tackle disciplines in which they can anchor their research work, usually Economics, Psychology or Sociology.

As the organizational phenomenon is crossing over Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Organizational behavior and Administrative Sciences, our students will develop discipline-based expertise in at least two substantive areas.

Through a curriculum covering several disciplines and functional perspectives, and through thesis work that typically involves field research, the students will explore the basic concepts of Management and Research skills that allow them to realize a rigorous work linked to Management of issues.

Examples of recent thesis research:

1) The role of social networks in promoting coordination and innovation in large complex enterprises

2) The process by which professionals manage the boundaries between their professional and private life

3) How can a company be systematic in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage by relying on its collaborators?



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