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IHE Paris offers trainings related to the Management, Marketing, Commercial & Financial fields...

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DBA Marketing


The DBA program is based on Economic, Behavioral, Psychological and Administrative theory anticipating the important Marketing issues based on the immediate and future expectations of customers.


Developing advanced skills and knowledge to lead organizations and provide strategic marketing advice.

Improving your understanding of Marketing concepts, theories and researches through application in the real world as well as improving your ability to influence others and workout results.

There is a great emphasis on the is placed on the overall character of the business, the role of media and technological integration in marketing strategy and execution, and the ways culture influences Marketing and Consumers.


Applicants must provide the following information for admission to programs and specializations:

   Master degree or MBA in Management, Finance or Marketing

   French and English proficiency.

Acceptable tests and minimum scores


Each student should be under the supervision of a permanent or affiliated professor in IHE.

This supervisor, holder of a PhD or a DBA is there to help the student in the training and to conduct his DBA research project.

Area of expertise

The skills developed cover a transversal area of expertise. In terms of knowledge:

   Strategic approaches.

   Transversal approaches involving a high level of knowledge in Finance, Human Resources, Communication and Business functions.

A high management function assumes a "high" balance in cognitive predispositions: perceptual analysis and synthesis skills, a good intuition towards achieving and managing the objectives. There should be a balance between leadership and management.

Marketing in very important in conducting projects, it is a concrete aspect of the company's needs..


Depending on the structure and size of the company, the training may lead, in the short term, to the following positions:

   General Manager

   Marketing Manager

   General Management

   Brand Manager

   Product Manager

   Director of Development

   Director of Commercial Innovation and Marketing


The DBA marketing program relies on a variety of disciplines: Research on major Marketing Management issues focused on immediate and future needs and customer expectations. These topics include:

   Consumer Behavior

   Social Network Marketing

   Brand and Customer Management

   Customer innovation strategy

   International Marketing

   High-Tech and New Media Marketing

   Social Marketing

   Business to Business Marketing

Although the program encourages the use of fieldwork research to detect and define a problem, the DBA does not have a single ideological view of a single method as being superior to others in terms of the breadth of research. Whether it is analytical, experimental or qualitative, it is the relevance of the method to solve the specific problem that matters. As a result, Marketing professors use a variety of underlying disciplines in research and hence engage PhD students in a wide range of disciplinary bases.

The students of the marketing program work closely with the IHE Group DBA professors.The program is based on economic, behavioral, and psychological theory and focuses on the marketing problems encountered by the company and its management.The candidates need to understand the vision of the managers’ practice and to be able to bring the theory and careful research in order to provide insight into important business problems.

Examples of recent research:

1) The effects of brand extensions on the value of the original marks.

2) Examination of multiple methods of consumption, of "imitations" of high status marks, and of positive counter-intuitive for consumer-brand relationships.

3) The psychological effects of prices, and how these affect consumers and businesses

4) "Amnesia choices" the motivating forgetfulness of difficult decisions.



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