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Hoping that you have heard about TED conferences, which are designed to shed light on many exceptional and inspiring topics based on personal experiences. There is also an independent version, called TEDx.

Sabri Ben Radhia, a student at IHE Paris, MBA 2nd year level, has been part of organizing the 2nd edition of the TEDx event in the name of IHE Paris which took place on Saturday, 21st May 2016 at the famous Theatre of “La Madeleine” in the 8th District of Paris.

Moving from last year’s simple event at the IHE Paris to the TEDx prestigious global event, we have welcomed over 600 people. Our aim was to attract international visitors and not just National audience. The first guest presented in French with subtitles, the other guests used the English Language to present. The Basic Theme was “Beyond our Limits” it has been presented by many different speakers each one presented a personal inspiring experience.

The testimonies which are often private are very strong in emotions, were embellished by live bands music, as well as videos of interventions made during other TEDx.

With some Cherry over the cake and a Romantic atmosphere we were surprised by a beautiful wedding proposal in public which was approved and no wonder, Paris is the Romantic Town!

In Brief, This TEDx was a success and it will always remain in our memories. We congratulate Sabri and his team!

For more information please access to www.tedxiheparis.fr and videos are now available on Youtube: "TEDxIHEParis".

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